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Downgrade ASUS K55N Laptop from Windows 8 To Windows 7

The ASUS K55N laptop is a very popular budget laptop from ASUS. Its my favorite laptop I have ever owned… but, there is a problem. It has Windows 8. 

Windows 8 is just AWFUL on laptops. It doesn’t matter what you install. Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows still supported that will be better. I installed it on my K55N today and it is faster and more user friendly. So, I will make a guide on how to install it. 

Things you need:

1. Blank DVDs or External Hard Drive (For backup)

2. Blank CD (Trust me, you NEED it)

3. Patience and Will


It doesn’t matter if its a photo of a cat. Back it up. The ASUS K Series Laptops use a strange partition arrangement that has the OS, DATA, REcovery and system partitions in different locations, and due to the way its formatted, all 4 must be removed. This means that you WILL lose access to the recovery partition. I recommend backing everything up to an external device. 

2. Go To the asus website and find drivers for the K55N laptop. 

3. Select Windows 7 64BIT and download the “Azurewave Wireless Lan Driver and Application” file. 

4. Now take that blank CD out and burn that file to disc. After, throw it aside. 

5. Restart, press F2 to boot into bios.

6. ENABLE both “Launch CSM” and “Launch PXE”

7. Go to Security and disable “Secure Boot”

8. Save and Exit

9. Insert your Windows 7 disc and press F5 and select the DVD Drive.

10. Wait until the installer loads.

11. Choose a custom install and remove ALL partitions, format the drive and continue.

12. Follow the onscreen instructions.

13. Once you are finally at the desktop, insert that CD with the wifi driver. Install the driver and restart.

14. Log back into the PC and connect to wifi. Now, turn on Windows Update and update the ENTIRE PC. 

15. Go back to the ASUS website and download the AMD drivers to enable Webcam, Graphics and USB ports. 

After, the whole PC should be ready to use! :)


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